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GoInsights™ is the revolutionary data collection tool that will completely transform how you collect and analyze data. We've created a platform that allows for easy creation of surveys and other forms of data gathering, one that will analyze results from both computers and a mobile device. Data collection and research have never been so easy! The individualization allowed by GoInsights™ is versatile and allows for custom creation and data monitoring.


If your company is in need of a small observational study or market research, GoInsights™ has got you covered. Build your data forms with numeric responses or open ended entry boxes. Once responses have been gathered, view data in a way that represents what you need best. Tables and charts, rankings, etc. are all viewable, allowing you to present and read the data as you need.

Enhancing Elements

The innovative GoInsights™ platform allows you the freedom you need to create the data collection tool that suits your goal best. Build your data forms using various entry options such as text boxes, open ended questions, single and multiple choice lists, tables, rankings, and menus or lists. Guide responses to what you really want know with these customizable options! You can even include images, multimedia files, and photos to enhance your study, improving the data collected.

Complete Control

You control who is able to access your forms, making sure you get responses from only those you need data or information from. With administrative tools and an exclusive panel, monitor the progress of your project. Make changes based on up to date progress reporting, and enjoy complete control of the data collection tool and how it is used. Build your forms and adapt them as needed, all with the ease that GoInsights™ provides!


GoInsights™ is also a guarantee of the quality of workmanship and security of data processed by the system, confirmed by ISO certificates.

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